Highly sophisticated core technologies

Highly sophisticated core technologies

Ming represents an entirely new experience in the world of wireless steward call systems. An experience directly resulting from a whole series of innovative technologies that find their very first application in a system of this kind.

A prime example of this is Ming’s Dynamic Location Assignment (DLA). Any of the buttons can be instantaneously assigned to a new room by simply placing it on the relevant docking station for a few seconds, providing previously unknown flexibility for both the owner and crew.

In addition, the system regularly checks whether all the Ming buttons are within range of their assigned docking stations. And should there be any deviation from the norm, the crew is automatically notified.

Depending on the feedback option selected, both owners and their guests can be given clear and definite visual confirmations for each steward call. Thus, a System Acknowledgement signifies that the call has been successfully received, while a Crew Acknowledgement shows that a steward is already on their way. As a result, the guests on board enjoy a heightened feeling of confidence.

Equally noteworthy is Ming’s Advanced Power Saving Technology. This ensures that each button can operate for up to four weeks on a single three-hour charge. While intelligent Remote Battery Monitoring wirelessly checks the power status of all the buttons several times a day. The system then automatically informs the crew of the need to recharge any of the buttons in good time.

In short, Ming is not only simplicity itself, but also makes the crew’s lives easier. A comprehensive list of the benchmark technologies used in the Ming system is available from the Ming website.

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