Configured for personal comfort and safety

Alongside its standard use as a steward call button, the Ming can just as easily be programmed as a wireless emergency button to summon immediate medical care or security personnel. Similarly, some owners may wish for an easy method to call their captain, while certain nationalities will appreciate being able to choose between a steward and stewardess.

This is made possible by way of a press-and-hold call as opposed to a normal short button press, and furthermore thanks to simple and individual call assignments. These assignments can be set globally for the entire yacht, on a per-deck basis or even separately for each room or cabin.

On the receiving end, the devices can be configured according to the type of call to be displayed. In this way, the Ming system allows for two different steward calls to be sent to separate crew pantries, for example, while emergency or nanny calls may be transmitted to additional receiving devices, separate from those used for standard steward calls.

No other system of this kind offers such a high degree of flexibility.

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