• When the owner’s contentment is paramount

    When the owner’s contentment is paramount

    Seamlessly integrated in its surroundings, a true pleasure to touch and ingeniously easy to operate, Ming is the most sophisticated wireless steward call system ever created. A simple press of the hand-crafted button immediately and unobtrusively summons the staff. Without the need for a glaringly modern gadget lying on the table. And without having to interrupt one’s conversation or meal.
    Unlike the complicated touch panels and cluttered on-board phones of the past, the Ming is intuitive in its functioning and perfectly matches the yacht’s interior. Similarly, the Ming is equally on a par with the other furnishings with regard to the quality of materials used and the high degree of craftsmanship – Minimum complexity combined with maximum luxury.
    While the innovative Ming system itself incorporates the very latest technology to support a comprehensive feature set, it could not be any simpler to use. Two different, clearly distinct calls can be sent by either a short or long touch of the luxurious leather-clad button. Furthermore, if so desired, the steward can signal a return confirmation that is discreetly displayed via the elegant, slim LED band circling the button’s gleaming polished exterior.

    No table setting should be without it.

  • For absolute peace of mind

    For absolute peace of mind

    Wireless, intelligent and instinctive, the Ming will soon become the owner’s personal device. It is designed to fulfil one function, and one function only – and does this to perfection. One button press is all that is necessary and the owner’s desires are met. Doing away with the need for a touch panel or telephone. While simultaneously eliminating the risk of a phone call disturbing the tranquillity.

    Also, as opposed to other solutions until now, the Ming does not need a set of operating instructions or time spent learning how to use a device. The ultimate in comfort, it is designed to incorporate everything a steward call system needs on a yacht, reduced to a single push of a button – Less confusion for a heightened experience.
    With the beautifully styled button at one’s side, the Ming enables the owner to relax completely. Even though it is mobile, it is clever enough to always summon the steward to the right place. And, thanks to its tasteful appearance, the button lends an air of dignified finesse without being ostentatious.

    The only accessory needed on a sun deck.

  • Inspired confidence

    Inspired confidence

    With its intuitive mode of operation, the Ming also allows guests on board to feel entirely at home and at ease. Those without luxury yacht charter experience may well be unsure of using a touch panel or an on-board telephone to summon the steward in the middle of the night. Or may simply be uncertain as to whether staff are on hand around the clock.

    Without even needing to turn on the light, guests can signal for service with a single press of an elegantly crafted button. Silently and while lying in bed. Various feedback options can inform the guest that the system has received the call. The gentle illumination of the button can confirm, for instance, that a crew member is already on the way to the cabin in question – Readily comprehensible in any language.
    Furthermore, the Ming enables those guests who are worried about their health to still enjoy a good night’s sleep. Individually configured press-and-hold calls can instantly summon an on-board doctor. While a single press of the button signifies that it is nothing critical. Maybe just a little headache.

    The perfect bedside companion.

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